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Aspects of Mexico

A Mexican Art History Class at the Warren Hardy School, taught by Tim Hazell

Dates and times to be announced.
Offered by Warren Hardy Spanish School (San Miguel's most popular Spanish school) as an ongoing addition to the curriculum, beginning summer 2010.
Classes will be taught in both English and Spanish.


Mexico - A Land Apart:

  • The native traditions of Mexico. Its myths and motifs
  • Mexico as an Indian nation, 62 languages, a melting pot of customs and traditions
  • Literature of ancient Mexico: Olmec jaguar and creation myths
  • Mayan poetry, creation and the sagas of the Popul Vuh
  • Nezahualcoyotl: Mexico’s Chichimec poet, architect, warrior and prince
  • Popular native and folk tales, elegant verse from the Aztec royal court
I've had additional inquiries from advanced students who wish to supplement the above with topics that focus on the arts and humanities in Mexico and Latin America. If there's enough of a demand for an advanced class, the following can be added:

Rich Traditions of Mexican Art, Literature and Verse:

  • Colonial authors in Spanish and Nahuatl
  • Writers for Independence and Revolution, Mexican authors in politics
  • The Mexican muralists, Orozco, Siguieros and Rivera - their turbulent careers
  • Links with revolution and the Mexican Communist movement - great works of artistic genius
  • Frida Kahlo, Ruffino Tamayo and Remedios Varo. Surrealism and magic realism in Mexico
  • Cosmopolitan destinations for arts and innovation in Latin America
  • The role of Mexico as a traditional haven for artists
  • Its contribution to the international arts and cultural scene today
For further information about the tentative fee structure and other details, please contact me directly at


or Warren and/or Tuli Hardy at


or 154-4017 directly at the school after June 22.

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